Vague Drawings from the whelk

Drawings have been around for hundreds of years, often serving as descriptive or instructive tools, sometimes warding off evil spirits or smells, and sometimes conveying the idea of a phallus on the back of an unsuspecting chump.

In some countries drawings have been banned for almost as long as an international gas pipe, but luckily, on the Internet, we are still allowed to occasionally be drawing.

Gareth Southgate great, vague whelk
Vague Whelk's Joachime Sniffer
the Rafa and Ancellotti

Philipe Coutinho left us in the night like a wart that you forgot about for a while then you noticed it was gone and you were mightily surprised and then a bit relieved and then actually hey a bit upset and then in time you realised it was for the best really.

Vague Whelk's Philipe Coutinho

Steven's facial area echoed our pains like a thousand screaming cats in a huge bucket.

Vague Whelk's Stevie Gerard

Brendan Rogers treated us well but he did used to try and trick us with his descriptions, silly man.

Vague Whelk's Brendan Rogers

Arsene Wenger was renowned in particular circles for being able to grip a spagghetti in his anoos for over 3 mins

Vague Whelk's Arsene Wenger

Fun fact: Steve Bruce once told me in a pub that I was a Big Tin Bitch and he refuses to apologies to this day.

Vague Whelk's Steve Bruce

Furious Milk (after committing his aunts), was very very mad.

Furious Milk

Chimeric Music main, I trust you not, with your face of musical parts

Chimeric Music Man
Biscuit Trousers
Astral Point
Whelk's Katie Hopkins
Vague Whelk's Jeremy Clarkson