This is the primary Vague Whelk socket in this quadrant. The only one probably. Where mind spouts fall all the way out, slowly and noisily, and with very satisfying plops.

It is time to fully open your terror peepers, close your noisome queaser pipe, and prepare your cruttle hutch for some quality profounds.

For Space Blep Cats (wisdoms), Space Sloths (hope), vague Poemtries (cultures), and some general assorted celebrations within the enormous enormous void, and other typically utter complete and utter utter rubbish.


this stuff is recommended for PEOPLE only. Moths plz go to the void.

News from the burping tabloids:

We Just Cant Stop Reading About How Bow-Legged But Happy Parsnip-Shaped Forgot To Drive Her Prius Like A Blind Nihilist.

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NEVER THINK MORE THAN SEVEN AND EVERYTHING WILL BE OK / put down the diazepams. The natural state of things is OK but when we process them in our mid-clefticles we turn them to diarrhideas. It can be tempting to think the diarrhideas came from outside, but nay. You churned it up good in your dump chumney you woven bag of symptoms. You shinless catastrophe.

Blep space cat says everything is great