Lorem Ipsums

Is your need for some lorem ipsum only matched by your desire to confuse and distract the QA/UX/PO people who have the temerity to be looking at your code?

Perhaps you need to distract them long enough to steal their biscuits. Or Just long enough to slip through a couple of portals and make your way to another dimension. Either way, carrots.

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The autobiographies!

Part one of my autobiographies. NOW. It is here for your sloopy face curtain to gently drape itself accross until everything is a bit darker and more relaxing.

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I forget now, but at the time I probably had a reason, other than to briefly distract myself from death and futility and the cold apathetic universe and Piers Morgan's wobbling shrieking neck sack.

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Yoghurt snoops!

The threatened release of my semi-autobiographical epic, The yoghurty but still interesting existence of the Be Nna Kol: The woeful tale of a heightist community living inside some yoghurt is impending and inexorable and threatening and evil and big, like a thunderstorm in Piers Morgan's knicker sacks riding on a train. It will soon be on the Amazons (unlike the Morgan's knicker sacks, which, like the Morgan himself, should be locked up in a microwave full of hornets for ever and ever).

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Other Junks

blerpo blamtak seek nein. Gomperk nunthelk dibokaan. I wish that I could speak alien. I would do it all the time and feel great.