Vague Memes from the whelk

The TRITE THE MEME KITTEN, full of lovely #TRUTHS and INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES and HASHTAGS on top of pictures of things for you to HASHTAG and PUT ON THE PLACES TO SHOW PEOPLE HOW YOU FEEL ETC. REMEMBER: INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES ARE THE ONLY CURRENCY IN A SHOE IF YOU LIKE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF WITH SOCKS. Also, only total noobs actualy say what they actually think, like some sort of CALCULATOR or something.

A lot of people they say hey! What is fear? And I say well you know it isn’t a small to medium sized salmon farm. It is just a thing holding you back. What I do sometimes is face the other way and then it is technically holding me forwards and I can make less effort that way. Thanks.

A billion seagulls flapping - Trite The Meme Kitten

Sometimes you are faced with a difficult task. Life throws us complications. Sometimes it feels like you can’t carry on. But you must eat all of the egg. People who throw away half an egg never achieve their dreams. Would you give a life changing job or surgery or opinion to someone who you saw getting conquered by an egg? Ha! I think not! Eating the egg is a bit like eggs, you invariably get the gas but it’s very worth it.

A giant egg - Trite The Meme Kitten

Have you ever wondered why we dream at night, and we struggle and flail about recklessly in the day? It’s because nighttime is when our eyes are closed and we cannot see the things holding us back: the obstacles, the doubts, the stubborn stains, the gas, the gravity wells, and the reluctance to recognise our own incompetence. Try to do do all your achievements at night time then. x

night time landscape - Trite The Meme Kitten

Change is painful. Because every time you change, a version of you dies. For this reason, I try to stay the same ALL the time, like eggs, or feet (eggs and feet in 1821 were EXACTLY the same as our modern versions). Don’t change. It’s probably not worth it anyway as the universe reclaims us blindly. We are all a bit like eggs. Close up, we sometimes look tasty or awful, but from a distance we are all identical and riddled with gas.

Lots of lego on the floor waiting to be trodden upon viciously - Trite The Meme Kitten

Keep faith inside yourself

Keep faith in yourself always! It is sometimes tempting to keep it outside for a while, perhaps when cleaning, or doing some deep introspection, or edifying the constructed self you cling to fervently, but this is wobbly territory. It is possible to then lose the faith, or mistake it for that sack of eggs you were saving. Remember, faith is very much like eggs: it is vital for a meaningful life, it can sometimes fall out the bottom of you during difficult or stressful times, and inevitably there will be some sort of gas involved.

The Meme Kitten advises you not to have bad relationships

Break the cycle

You will never break bad habits! Unless you first do a bad habit. This really is an essential step in the journey to breaking a bad habit and building a Better You. Of course Bad Habits get quite a lot of negative press, especially these days with everyone thinking a lot less, but as you can see, Bad Habits can be very useful! In fact, essential, if you want to break a Bad Habit.

The Meme Kitten shows us how to break a bad habit!

Falling Over

Falling over can hurt, but it can be a useful way to show the fake people that you don't care

The Meme Kitten reckons don't worry about falling over


WHEN YOU ARE FULLY DEAD, you will only regret the missed opportunities for eating the egg! Or actually, now I come to think of it, you will probably regret those the least, because you might be too busy regretting the really terrible things you did, like when you fell asleep on the cat and it never woke up, or that terrible terrible fire. #Mistake #ChangeYourMind Or you might actually regret absolutely everything, even the eggs, because once you are dead and in the infinite bin then eggs might seem a bit pointless tbh fin

don't regret the things you didn't do - the Meme Kitten
Every day is a second chance to do something completely pointless and futile - Trite The Meme Kitten

You can’t escape your past, unless you are dead now or have gone mad. But it is always behind you (even when you turn around) and it is great to have terrible terrible things behind you and not in front of you, unless you are standing on the edge of a great hole or something of course.

Fat cat sitting in box staring at wall - Trite The Meme Kitten
You are Special like a Star! - Trite The Meme Kitten
All ships eventually sink - dont be like a ship - Trite The Meme Kitten

Don’t believe in limits! If your self belief and your heart of hearts are there, you can have whatever destiny fates your soul can dream of, especially useful if your dreams are quite quite ridiculous or foolish. Dreams are like waffles, they might be full of holes but they are still extremely excellent and perfect.

There are no limits to what your destiny fates can achieve if you have a heart - Trite The Meme Kitten

Those who spout and bibble can’t hear their thoughts properly and are more likely to fall down or become unsatisfactory or bankrupt. If you remember to be quiet sometimes then you can hear louder. Hear louder and achieve your dream of dreams that your soul was meant to be.

The quieter you are, the more your potential can hear louder - Trite The Meme Kitten

Always try to learn as many unnecessary things as possible. I like to try and learn a new thing every day. It’s important to spend your life learning because when you die suddenly you will forget everything

Life is no about the destination but the journey - Trite The Meme Kitten

Don't Always have Bad Relationships

A lot of people make the mistake of having Quite Bad or Very Bad relationships. They are a bit like eggs because sometimes you don't know exactly how they came to be there, but actually they are not like eggs. #wrong #mistake
So make sure you only have good eggs if you don't want to go back on the toilet

The Meme Kitten advises you not to have bad relationships
Mistakes are natures way of reminding you - Trite The Meme Kitten
People should recognise your worth - Trite The Meme Kitten

No matter how bad the day is and how much you might have fouled up, remember that yesterday you hadn’t messed it up yet. You were still a great guy yesterday with hopes and dreams and a fervent but naive self belief that carried you through the day like a sock in a waterfall

Big fat cat lying down in state of apparent apathy - Trite The Meme Kitten
Don't be like the weather! You're not a thunder - Trite The Meme Kitten
Some things are hard and some are easy - Trite The Meme Kitten
Never lose faith in your dreams - Trite The Meme Kitten
Success is always good - Trite The Meme Kitten
Being rejected - Trite The Meme Kitten
Its the little Things - Trite The Meme Kitten
Keep on dreaming - Trite The Meme Kitten

Never stop knocking! If it doesn't open, keep knocking. Most opportunities are behind a Door, and some doors don't open, especially to the likes of you. So if you keep knocking the door might wear down to a nub, or fall down on the floor. thanks. fin

If it doesn't open - knock again! - the Meme Kitten
Run towards where your probles aren't  - the Meme Kitten

Never get too down - you are on the right track! You always are because there is only one.

You are on the right track - the Meme Kitten

Always be positive! It's usually better than not being positive, thx.

Always be positive - the Meme Kitten

Embrace the void!

FriendZone the void! - the Meme Kitten

Always keep going forwards!

Always keep going forwards! - the Meme Kitten

You should be careful about focusing on the obstacles, they can be very distracting (14/18) and you can fall on to your eyes and then you won't be able to see all the achievements that are just past the obstacles

Dont look at the obstacles! - the Meme Kitten
Always stand facing forwards! - the Meme Kitten

NEVER STOP As every good heron surely knows, achievements usually happen higher up, so to keep achieving, keep climbing! Easy. even when you have got to the top you should carry on because if you stop then you will have too much time to contemplate the pointlessness of all the climbing and it might get you down, or confuse you, so just keep going until you are dead thanks fin

Always keep climbing! - the Meme Kitten


Deep down everyone is slightly worried that they are a terrible useless idiot and they try very hard to convince everyone that they are not a terrible useless idiot by failing very frequently at the things. But while this is an excellent futile distraction from the overall pointlessness of Things, it is slightly a waste of time because there is probably a Thing that you are good at, like tidying, or selling, or making rash policies that could have terrible consequences. Either way, if you keep trying then you are taking longer to find your True Reason. Only try once. thx Fin dont try more than once! - the Meme Kitten

Do ambitions with ALL of your Heart

It might not always seem obvious but before you go anywhere, try to have all of your Heart. You are an angel with a heart and it helps to take it literally everywhere if you want to achieve and do ambitions.

use all of your heart! - the Meme Kitten


It might not seem obvious to you but lying down in a comfort zone, while quite relaxing and good, isn't a way to make things Grow. It's not really that sort of place. Comfort doesn't grow, it, hang on I'm not sure where I'm going with that one. But comforts are like eggs really, thy are great and they can make you happy, but they don't grow in a zone. Thx

nothing grows in your comfort zone - the Meme Kitten
we fall down so we can get up - the Meme Kitten


In case you didn't know about life, it's a lot like cycling. Because you have the choice to either stand up straight or sit down gently while you pedal away towards your inevitable death

life is like riding a bike - the Meme Kitten


What you do is so loud - the Meme Kitten


silhouette of mad person doing running - the Meme Kitten


When life feels like a struggle - the Meme Kitten


You only live once - the Meme Kitten


You might not know this but you should always do the thing you think you probably can't do because you might be simple or just misguided and think you can't do all sorts of easy things that are actually quite easy to do. So go on give it a go and do the Thing. Unless you can't - then you can just have a rest thanks Fin

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten


fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten


It was Meant To Be so try not to worry about it. It is nice to just assume that there is a Fate and Fate made all the things happen! Then you won't feel bad about that wren you stitched up or the homeless person you fell on, because we have no free will really! Fate is like an egg really because when you made a smell it was because of the egg and not a deep-seated flaw in your personality Thx

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten


Always aim at a star if you are trying to do an achieve. If you aim at the stars that is better because they are very high up and so should your ambitions be too. If you miss it will be ok because there is usually another star quite close by, normally an inch or two to either side of the original star, you see.

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten


Don't worry if your life seems very difficult and a lot of work for you, sometimes things that are very difficult and torturous result in a beauty. Most of the time not, but sometimes yes, so that's good for you and me.

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten

Don't ever feel sad and pointless and alone! Try to remember why you are here

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten


Fall down! Go on! Now! Watch how you will be stronger when you get up! Don't just take my word for it, look at all the famous people who fell down! Actually not all of them. Some of them died or became irretrievably insane. Fall down a little bit, and get up twice to be the very strongest!

fall down to be stronger - the Meme Kitten


If you feel lonely sometimes and feel like maybe you are different, then remember: being lonely is a lot like eggs actually. Eggs usually arrive together in 6s or 12s, but sometimes one of them smells evil or looks weird so you put it in the bin and it spends the rest of it's existence alone and unfilfilled. Just remember that, and try to perceive that you are not actually an egg, you are a Person who is Real.

being lonely is like eggs - the Meme Kitten


If you don't be the strongest you, you might be a weaker you, which might make things difficult, like bending that ladder, or trying to convince that heron you saw earlier. Also try not to be a stronger someone else, because things might get confusing again.

always be strong - the Meme Kitten


don't try the things then you won't fail - the Meme Kitten


TRY NOT TO WORRY ABOUT FAILING. Given that you are a pointless little speck in an infinite bin of cold nothingness it is fair to assume that success doesn't mean anything anyway and your time is far better spent licking calippos whilst laying on your side and looking at cats THANKS

don't worry about the failure- the Meme Kitten


Remember not to give up on the dream, unless it is ridiculous or you are simple. Dreams are quite like eggs, you might have 7, or you might just have one. Either way you shouldn't give up on top of one, because it is very fragile and requires Belief and Heart in order to hatch into a fully realised Dream, etc. That's the way the analogy was going anyway, I think you get the drift.

don't regret the things you didn't do - the Meme Kitten


TRY NOT TO WORRY ABOUT FAILING. Given that you are a pointless little speck in an infinite bin of cold nothingness it is fair to assume that success doesn't mean anything anyway and your time is far better spent licking calippos whilst laying on your side and looking at cats THANKS

don't worry about failing! - the Meme Kitten


You should never regret! When you do a lot of regretting, it too can be regretful, because it is a very negative, and most people prefer positive generally speaking. You are a Person with a real Heart, so everything you do is You, and you shouldn't spend too much time regretting it, you probably aren't that crap. Regrets are like eggs - they are a natural thing and most people have quite a lot - but you wouldn't carry them around everywhere would you! That would be Silly and Wrong. ‪#‎eggs‬.

Never have regrets - the Meme Kitten

nothng you did

EVERY accomplishment starts with the decision to try! Well apart from falling over and crushing a moth, or breaking a moth's spirit by fitting energy saving bulbs, or coughing on something like a bad moth. Or for that matter anything you ever did. We don't know when anything started really, but let's not get into that now. So everything is OK, friend.

Meme Kitten tells you not worry when life is hard and pointless

When the life isn't that easy, read some Meme Kittens hashtag hashtag

When life is difficult and not that easy, remember that things that are a lot of worth are usually not the easy, except wetting on the back, or breathing in airs, or other very trivial things. What I mean is, they say that the more of the effort it is, the more of the worth it is also. Very Tru and Deep and Hashtags. Everything may be equally arbitrary and worthless in the long run (when we are all dead and gone) so just carry on lying down anyway.

Meme Kitten tells you not worry when life is hard and pointless

Try and keep going

When you feel like giving up, DON'T. (KEEP GOING). this is what the Meme Kitten would advise in the face of the inescapable knowledge of your own mortality

when you feel like giving up

Be somebody who makes somebody feel like somebody

Don't always be looking forward to the next egg, or worried about the green one, just enjoy the eggs

Meme Kitten says everyone should feel like somebody

What doesn't challenge you

everyone know, what doesn't challenge you won't actually change you (apart from a few things like awful accidents or forgetting your pills or eating really bad eggs)

Meme Kitten says what challenges you make you stronger

Try and be Now

Don't always be looking forward to the next egg, or worried about the green one, just enjoy the eggs

Meme Kitten says everyone is the same and nice

The people who deserve you

Don't let the people who are afraid of you deserve you more than they should

Meme Kitten says only let the people who deserve you deserve you

Everyone is a people

ALL PEOPLE ARE THE SAME so you should try to remember that and not hate them, even if they never stop picking their nose right next to you, or eat crisps on a train or kill a lot THEY ARE THE PEOPLE TOO EVERYONE IS THE PEOPLE AREN'T THEY

Meme Kitten says everyone is the same and nice

You Have To Believe To Achieve

The Meme Kitten says don't be nothing if you want to achieve some accomplishments

Meme Kitten says only believe to achieve

Never ever change or not be YOU

NEVER EVER CHANGE / People should like you anyway / even if you shout a lot or eat popcorn loudly in the cinema / you are STILL A PEOPLE / stay the same and never change like ladders.

Meme Kitten says Don't ever not be you

People Around

Don't have people around who don't have you around. If a people is real then they will want you around as well, even when you are being more rubbish than them, they will want you around still which is great for you.

Meme Kitten says Don't have the people around

Ashamed to be rubbish

Sometimes you realise you are quite rubbish, and this makes you feel ashamed. But mostly everybody is rubbish and everything is rubbish.

Meme Kitten says Don't be ashamed if you are rubbish

Always Believe in You

If you don't believe in you, then you can't reasonably expect others to do so. And if no one believes in you then you might start to wonder if you really exist. You also may struggle to claim credit for good things that you have done.

Today the Meme Kitten says try to believe in you.

Always Be You

Today's truthMissile from the Meme Kitten is targeting your silent shouting space and it won't stop until it has pierced your perception molecules! Just lie down and remember that you cannot be yourself because yourself does not exist, you are everything and everything is you. Consciousness is a deceit that is propagated by those who would have you buy their overpriced mattresses. ~~ Accept your place in the cosmos and lie down ~

The Meme Kitten knows it place in the cosmos - so 	should you

Not Everyone Is Your Friend

Today's Truth Missile of Truth missiling away truthfully, cutting through the shyte spectrum towards your pointless under-used head-hole is this: Always try your best. Or don't. It doesn't really matter, because in a relatively short amount of time you will be dead, no one will remember you, and nothing you ever did will have had any impact on the universe. LOVE. ~

Tthe Space Sloth says: You will be dead soon anyway so don't worry
You cant change what you did. But you cant change what you didnt - Trite The Meme Kitten