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The Vague Whelk thinks sometimes live here. Some of them are thanked out of a slippery.

Recent studies of sandwhiches and cyclists

After my interference in the recent Cambridge seminar, 'Re-imagined sandwich fillings and cyclists: a further study and its implications in the treatment of sand, thanks', I was put in mind of my own attitudes to studying generally, and the nature of inspiration.

The study, which proposed a theory that 94.56% of cyclists are reincarnated sandwich fillings, and that their compulsive urges to slip between things was post-mortal muscle-memory was largely rubbished, as it should have been, although it was well grounded in seven different types of proof and foundationed with even more generally stout thinking.

But it did make me think about the futility of trying to prove things, and the idea of 'learning'. And also my recurring dreams of sanding down a cyclist to its innards in order to find this supposed muscle memory.

As a regular but uncommitted cyclist myself, I assumed myself to be one of the 5% - but I have always harboured very confusing thoughts regarding corned beef, so I decided during a visit to a cloth factory that I would need to analyse this further.

I will present my findings after I have destroyed all of this cloth. Thx.

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