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The Vague Whelk thinks sometimes live here. Some of them are thanked out of a slippery.


When you don't forget to not do it, it comes very naturally (much like forgetting to fall down), but when you remember to not do it, it can have profound and unwanted effects.

A lack of confidence in the universe means a lack of confidence in yourself, and all the myriad futile things you need to do today, like going fully in the toilet, or that considerate plowing you haven't got around to yet, or pretending you don't hate something, or getting up and going to do your work today like a good little worker spoon.

Of course, it is not essential to fully believe in the universe; many people who are dubious about it all carry on with their daily dusting, but it does make it more difficult.

Perhaps a reduced sense of self might help in this situation. After all, temporarily rearranging the dust in your living room seems a much more natural thing to do when you consider that you yourself are only a temporarily handsomely-formed pile of dust. Just please don't dust me just yet. I have not finished the Master Chief Collection.