vague whelk

let us try not to get bogged down in all that tedious business of did we eat the fish yet, remember that we are always have been will be eating the fish because all fish are real. Let's remember the great times eating the fish, and not argue about light cones. Also get more fish

The moving slice of meow; all fish are real

FRANTIC TANGERINE, retreat back into your glossy skin, you can't be eaten in there

Frantic Tangerine why do you emerge from reliable peace

OH BEAN OF AMBIVALENCE, try to fall on the one side of the thought, and just the one side


Furious Milk (after committing his aunts), was very very mad.

Furious Milk

Chimeric Music main, I trust you not, with your face of musical parts

Chimeric Music Man

space cat advice for you now

Biscuit Trousers

Astral Point

It's hard being the Katie Hopkins sometimes

the Nigel Farage

the Rafa and Ancellotti

ghost in a room

the Rafa and Ancellotti

Stevie G

Stevie G

Reluctant Aubergine

the Arsene

the Steve Bruce

the Jeremy Clarkson