This is a Vague Whelk socket, the only one probably. Where mind spouts plop all the way out, like thick greasy sausages slowly squeezing out of a bean tin, but noisier and more arousing.

It is time to open your terror peepers, close your noisome quease pipe, and visually engage. Force it down, force it down, it's good for you.

For Space Blep Cats (wisdoms), Space Sloths (hope), vague Poemtry (cultures), and some general assorted celebrations in the distraction from mortality, and other typically utter complete and utter utter rubbish.

this stuff is recommended for general PEOPLE only. Moths plz go to the void.


I'm Literally Screaming! Did You Hear That Egg-Bound Demented Education Secretary Forgot To Elaborate on Unconvincing Breakup Message.

We ponder and we quiver on our meadering, spiralling descent. We try not to consider the void as it mirrors that inside us. I AM NOT A VOID! MY SOUL IS FULL UP! WHERE AM I GOING? IS MY SOUL FULL UP?

Blep Space Cat - We all must spiral alone towards our deaths