This is a place where there is a Vague Whelk, the vaguest one probably. Where mind spouts fall all the way out, like thick greasy sausages slowly squeezing out of a bean tin, but noisier and more arousing.

For Space Blep Cats (wisdoms), Space Sloths (hope), vague Poemtry, and some general assorted celebrations in the distraction from mortality, and other typically utter complete and utter utter rubbish.

this stuff is recommended for general PEOPLE only. Moths plz go to the void. Cats and other higher life-forms may find nothing of interest here, go look at a red dot.


He didn’t actually have any eye areas, as he had for a long time kept his eyes in his forehead area, which meant that the eye areas, void and redundant as they were, had packed up and left several years before in a fit of quiche. Or maybe pique. They hadn’t been quite sure at the time. Deep Beneath The Earth's Core, Devout Practitioner Of Virtual Enragement Hot Plate Collector Refused To Recognise Same Sex Union. Only when it came to it, Ron discovered to his disdain that he had no mouth. Or indeed any orifices at all, which went some way to explaining his slight depression and moribund sex life. Although it didn't really explain the mouth ulcers.

Life is not like going to the shops or escaping war, because it is more about the journey, not the destination. Because the destination is just death. Just cold, lonely death. (Not great for most people.) So! Consider the journey, which is a pointless swirling drifting frightening cruise towards death, which is not as bad as actual death (possibly). Anyway, because it is a Journey, that means we must try to always be learning, that's the way it works, I think. If you don't do Learning when you are on a journey then it is all even more pointless. Also, try to hashtag along the way to ensure it is impossible for Others to not notice your Learning. Thanks.

Life is about the journey

Some people try to tell you no! don't do that thing you silly great fool, or sometimes you are frightened to do a thing because you don't want to lose your legs or your dignity or money. But really, there are no limits at all as long as you try really hard to believe in your spirit and soul and then your heart of hearts will look after you to direct and guide you towards so much Fate and Destiny that you will achieve your own body so hard you will never need to lie down again. Just remember that the laws of physics are temporarily subverted whenver you Believe in Your Soul or look at instagram or something.

There are no limits to what your destiny fates can achieve if you have a heart - Trite The Meme Kitten

Those who spout and bibble can’t hear their thoughts properly and are more likely to fall down or become unsatisfactory or bankrupt. If you remember to be quiet sometimes then you can hear louder. Hear louder and achieve your dream of dreams that your soul was meant to be.

The quieter you are, the more your potential can hear louder - Trite The Meme Kitten

What would be worse? An apathetic wind tunnel or those slippers that only work in the past? ANSWER: neither, everything is ridiculous and, to a puny stinky spec like you or me, completely completely ineffable.

We all have a sense of self but we are merely slippers shorn from the feet of an apathetic universe - space blep cat