vague whelk

this is a Vague Whelk, the vaguest one probably. where mind shouts fall all the way out, like thick greasy sausages squeezing out of a bean tin, sliding slowly towards a death that is slightly too small and quite inappropriate for a decent honest sausage.

For Space Blep Cats (wisdoms), sloths (hope), poems, celebration in the distraction from mortality, and other assorted utter complete and utter rubbish.

this stuff is recommended for general PEOPLE only. Moths plz go to the void. Cats and other higher life-forms may find nothing of interest here, go and look at a red dot.


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let us try not to get bogged down in all that tedious business of did we eat the fish yet, remember that we are always have been will be eating the fish because all fish are real. Let's remember the great times eating the fish, and not argue about light cones. Also get more fish

The Isaac Mewton's Moving Slice of Meow

We are impermanent which is quite distracting, but sometimes I can still muster up the energy to wonder about the smaller things, like why do I have thumbs, and why are trains, and how in the eff did I wake up in these other trousers?

its never too late to turn your life around - space blep cat

Those who spout and bibble can’t hear their thoughts properly and are more likely to fall down or become unsatisfactory or bankrupt. If you remember to be quiet sometimes then you can hear louder. Hear louder and achieve your dream of dreams that your soul was meant to be.

The quieter you are, the more your potential can hear louder - Trite The Meme Kitten

What would be worse? An apathetic wind tunnel of those slippers that only work in the past? ANSWER: neither, everything is ridiculous and, to a spec like you or me, completely completely ineffable. So just DON'T.

We all have a sense of self but we are merely slippers shorn from the feet of an apathetic universe - space blep cat

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